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Crysis Map ~ Operation Codename: Vulcano


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"]Thanks guys!

Sandbox tutorials, the thought already crossed my mind, I'll think about it! :cool:

Man that looks awesome! you should definitely do some tutorials or gives tips on how you learned the editor. Ive always wanted to do more with sandbox, but the original didn't have much documentation, and good tutorials were hard to find. in the end the best partial help I found was some 3dbuzz video tutorials before they updated their site and didn't include the videos, so I only know basic stuff for cryengine 1, all tho they are quite similar (1 and 2 i mean).

Anyways Top notch Ace work on the map and congrats on winning, once I buy crysis with my new pc Ill definitely play it!

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Still haven't been able to get it from Crymod since it won't let me download faster than 10kb/s and won't let me resume either, but after 2 hours I've got about 2 thirds so I might be able to try it out today. Yay!

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