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Old School Unreal 30 Day Contest


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Over at 3DBuzz they have a challenge to create a DM map in 30 days. Been working on this at home and at work, usually after all my bugs are resolved. Hope to be able to finish it in 17 days :(


The contest requires that you only use stock assets that ship with the game but you are allowed to make custom materials, particle effects, etc using those assets.

My contest entry is a space DM level, most of the bsp work is done, and I've been testing the gameplay using bots. Gravity gameplay will be outside of the ship.


Currently I'm adding meshes to the level, this is the reactor room towards the front of the map.


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Some more progress shots.

Almost finished decorating the rear portion of the ship


The rear engine room now contains a teleport vortex that I created in Kismet which randomly teleports any player to anywhere in the ship. A quick and easy escape if you are low on health. Should a player follow someone else into the vortex, they won't appear in the same location.


Working on scripting the battle outside of the ship. I'll be handling this with matinee and kismet, no point fighting on a spaceship if there's no action going on around you.


The walkways shown here allow the players get around the ship, but there no gravity so you can jump to other locations easily :)


back to work

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Looks nice, (though I dont like the UT3 assets, but thats what you are stuck with :)). From the looks of it, the level could use more vertical gameplay, not just in the lowgrav areas but the general floorplan indoors looks very flat aswell. Also, when viewing from outside the ship it looks less like a ship than it looks like a level floating in hyperspace. The outside sort of looks like the inside.

From the looks of it you are making the level out of two "modules" that generally look the same. This creates abit repetitive gameplay (mirrored/repeated areas in maps are needed in some gamemodes, in DM it should be avoided imo), and you also risk making the player confused unless you have strong visual differences between the modules, in light/textures/meshes/etc. which would help orientation.

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HP: Nope I missed the deadline and I wasn't happy submitting a half-ass level, plus i was heavy in crunch.

Map is approaching Beta status, YAY!

Things left to do before beta release:

- finish scripting battle outside

- finish placing items

- test bots with gravity volumes








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