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Unreal 3 "Old School Contest"


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Name doesnt really fit, far from oldschool.

This contest is aiming for beginners, they are trying to draw in new people into UT3 modding. The real serious contest, MSU, which is running for the next year and a half, has higher standards, and a lot more artistic freedom, like custom art assets permitted.

Im taking part in the MSU, with four levels and a mod for the first round.

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3D buzz has always been more about encouraging people to just have a go and jump in, locking out external content makes this more a competition of aesthetics, gameplay and flow and the free ut tutorials on the site means everyone could jump in and start creating within the timescale of the competition.

MSU is a whole nother bucket of fish its for the 1337

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I'm working on something for it :) Definitely going to try and keep it simple and focus on gameplay since it's such a short contest. I'm actually pretty psyched no matter what because I haven't worked with UE3 in a while and I haven't worked on any levels in my spare time in an even longer while. I saw Lee3dee enter too -- hopefully he doesn't mind me blowing up his spot :v

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I saw Lee3dee enter too -- hopefully he doesn't mind me blowing up his spot :v

nahh, Bl1tz your map will be great! I'm just entering to see if i can make a fun playable map in 30 days. If i don't win, its fine. I have a MSU map started but its taking longer than I expected.

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