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PC Adventure Game Accused Of Ripping Assets


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I saw this article today over at Kotaku and I thought it would be interesting to post about it over here!

Cheeky PC Adventure Game Accused Of Grand Theft Assets

I'm aware that some of the mods being developed at the moment, are using ripped geometry from commercial games, like this one called "Enter The Zone...", a mod for Crysis, where almost all the geometry on it is ripped geometry from STALKER.

Or this one, where most of the oblivion castles were imported into Crysis! (Although the guy who made it, never released the mod)

But well, even if It's still wrong, using this kind of ripped assets in a mod is one thing, but using it in a commercial PC game? ffs!

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Check out this link, its some kind of "interview" with the developers

http://www.kentmessenger.co.uk/paper/de ... archpage=1


Kent Messenger Friday 2 May 2008

* Trio hopes computer game proves a winner

by Helen Wagstaff


THREE computer fans are hoping to make a mint after the PC game they created went on sale in the USA.

Steve Bovis, Tim Croucher and Laurence Francis, all from Maidstone, have dreamt of seeing Limbo of the Lost played across the globe since they first started discussing the game 10 years ago.

Mr Francis, 47, who also provides the voice for the game's lead character Captain Briggs, said it was conceived for Amiga computers that went out of date in the 1990s.

He said: "Everything just sort of fizzled out. Then one day I was working in a pub and Tim and Steve walked in.

"I joked 'I thought you would be millionaires now', and they replied 'actually that is what we wanted to talk to you about'".

The three put their heads together and after three more years of hard work Limbo of the Lost - a PC adventure game - was born. It is a battle between fate and destiny, with players having to work through a series of puzzles and challenges to reach the end.

Mr Francis, a former landlord of The Pilot pub, Upper Stone Street, and now a mature student, said: "It is a sort of comedy come horror. A bit like Monty Python meets Evil Dead.

"Between the three of us we researched, wrote, designed, animated, scripted and developed the whole game from home."

Mr Francis, of Reginald Road, said he hoped their story would inspire other PC users to the full potential of their machines.

He added: "For us it started out as a hobby and then just grow.

"Our hope, if everything goes well with the sales, is that within a year we will all be stopping the day jobs and doing this full time."

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