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Dm_Snowfall (HL2DM)


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Hi all!

This is the final release of my map dm_snowfall for half-life 2 deathmatch/teamplay. It's set on a snowy mountain with caves and abandoned buildings to explore and fight over. I've tried to add in all the feedback and good suggestions that you have all messaged me with and I hope you enjoy it!

If you like it and have a server please feel free to put it on your rotation, it would be much appreciated!

I welcome any comments!



screen shots:






Thanks for having a look!


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I just ran in the map and took some screenies showing thoughts. :)


I think you should link those lights with some wires as you did with the lamp stuff on the ceilings.


Snow is falling in the two houses outside.


You've forgotten to disable shadows on the prop_physics inside the house here.


Strange reflection here. In fact the displacement next to the one I'm looking at doesn't seem to have the same texture.


As mentioned before, this part looks kinda weird.


I love this rocky corridor, but these lights are really out of place in these caves.I think you should try putting something else rather than these weird lights. Why not some spots like those in the statue room?

Definately a good looking map, dunno gameplaywise, but visually it's different than the classic HL2DM maps (City 17 stuff in fact). Some little troubles here and there though. Good work. ;)

Nice snow effect by the way.

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Nice map. I liked the way you fenced off the playable spaces, it gave it a sense of being and kind made me wonder what was beyond those fences. The displacements looked nice but I thought they could have been polished alot more, some of the displacements looked really fake and not finished (like the bottom right hand corner of the first screenshot, there is an almost perfect 90 degree corner on the base of the ramp). You could have probably added some small rocks around the cliffs walls to make a smoother transition between cliff and ground or maybe just some rocks in general in the map.

The indoor areas where good, just like the outdoor areas where, but in general, I thought the map looked pretty bare. I mean, this is the source engine, it could certainly have handled some more props and brush work in this map, you could have probably invested some time and detail into the surrounding environment such as more distant mountains, and maybe a few bare or alpine climate trees. But overall, I think the map could have been better with a bit more detail packed into it because while the frame rates are very important, its also important for the environment you fight in to look good, that isn't to say this didn't look good, but you could have probably thrown a bit more detail into it without impacting on the frame rate.

The map has a nice flow to, so there is potential for some nice gameplay here, and the ambient sound was quite good, definitely a plus.

I give the map a 7/10, well done buddy 8).

Also, check these out:

http://www.bungie.net/images/News/Weekl ... nche01.jpg

http://news.filefront.com/wp-content/up ... nche04.jpg

http://www.teamteabag.com/wp-content/up ... 9824e7.jpg

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