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Black Box Studio Needs a Lead Action Game Designer


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Senior Designer

We have an immediate need for a Senior Designer to join a team in the pre-production stage of an exciting new IP action adventure game title. This position is for an experienced designer who will champion/spearhead design.

The Senior Designer is responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining the game design and game play experience throughout the development cycle. This person will look at design holistically; specifically in terms of game camera and cameraman, game camera and control. Throughout development the Lead is accountable for surfacing design requirements, setting priorities, and in general making design more harmonious.

The individual is also responsible for building up the team and motivating them to accomplish their goals of shipping AAA quality titles on time and on budget.


Design the creative center for the game, and passionately communicate the core experience of your game areas to you fellow designers, producers, and team members.

Aid development of workflows, work schedules, and prioritization. For example, design needs to be dynamic; sometimes important design details need to take priority; the Lead Designer would be responsible for such decisions.

Initiate and foster working relationships with internal and external organizations critical to both current and future design and development process.

Manage, coach and develop the design team to ensure that design runs cohesively.

Design and communicate dynamic game play experiences for various types of game play, artistic and technical considerations, and the ability to forecast the ramifications of decisions made during the concept/pre-production phase.

Passionately articulate goals and team principles to help form a stimulating and fun work environment/culture. Champion the professional development of your people and ensure that our studio continues to employ the very best individuals.

Be a great team player; this includes sharing people resources, ideas, and equipment with your peer franchises.


Minimum of 3+ years experience leading internal design teams or large work groups within the video game industry

Minimum of 5+ years experience as a Designer within the game industry, creating top quality games

Minimum of 2 published titles with a Designer credit

Ability to Design and be a leader in the creation process for large teams through all phases of the product development process

Ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal forms, in both one on one and large group situations

Thorough knowledge of the latest design trends, philosophies and techniques

Thorough knowledge of competitive products and other mediums like film/music

Ability to work in a team environment with maturity and leadership

Self motivated team player with a passion of making games.

Have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to effectively communicate and work with all disciplines

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