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I had a shot of the demo and I'm tempted to pick up the full game. The driving physics definitely don't feel as solid as some of the competition - particularly with the 360 wheel that made it exceedingly hard to play - but they are manageable provided you think of it as a more arcade style racer than it looks. Its the presentation that really saves it. It has a great sense of speed and shooting up and down the hills of the demo's San Francisco course was really impressive and exhilarating. I'll probably wait until I see a deal on it or it drops in price before I grab it, but its got my attention.

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I had a lot of fun with the 360 demo. No it's not the same as DiRT nor is it exactly like PGR or NFS or etc. But that's a good thing. It's getting harder and harder to be "original" in the racing category but good effort wtih this one. I must say that the drifting in the demo's Japanese sample race was more fun than I expected it to be.

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I bought it for the PC. It won't run because of the securom protection (currently downloading the 1.1 patch to see if that fixes it).

Note to publishers: Next time you put this piece of shit copy protection on a game, I'm not paying for it. I wouldn't have cared if I still had most of my week to dick about and do what I want, but nowadays I don't have as much time for gaming so when I do want to play a PC game, I don't want to scrabble around on the Internet looking for solutions instead of playing the fucking game I paid for.


* edit - got it running by starting the game with the disc drive open and then closing it when prompted by securom, so it definitely is a securom problem by the looks of things.

As for the game, I have mixed impressions.

The presentation & graphics are fantastic, but I find it all a bit too slick and annoying for my tastes. Also, having some annoying moron constantly jabbering 'advice' at me is an instant no-no. I turned down the speech volume after the first race to preserve my sanity. The driving feels merely OK -- it feels like the car will do a donut every time I corner hard at low speed. Not really liking the shunts too much, and the flashback menu is horrible. Why is it horrible? Because it always puts you in some useless camera mode by default, so you have to waste 10 seconds to flip the camera mode to something useful THEN find the point at which you want to resume the race. It just knocks me totally off my stride and interrupts the game flow, plus you have to sit through the camera flash screen for another 3 seconds. It's a nice idea and I would've liked it a lot more if they had integrated it seamlessly so that if you make a mistake, you can rewind and get going again without breaking off. IMO it should've just been to enter flashback in the camera mode you were using when you crashed, then your left and right steering keys to rewind/advance and c to change camera if needed.

Also, there's a load of courses that have trucks and obstacles all over the place (e.g. docks circuit). Seems totally pointless to me and it just makes things frustrating.

Not really impressed so far, but I will give it another play later.

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