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Idiot steals my work - What to do?


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As many of you might remember I released all the source files for my HL maps in 2005. The disclaimer clearly stated that anyone was free to modify/redistribute them as they wish, as long as proper credit was given.

Well I just found some random dude who modified one of the maps, TS_Shady, and released it as a CS map. It seems to be pretty popular (more than 1k hits on google). Now, what to do? A legal action would be apropriate but that consumes too much time/money, not counting this guy doesn't live in the same country as me.

Link to the guy's map:



A very disgusting forum post:

yeyeye finally ... many people have waiting on this and after 20 hours of total mapping, hns_bronx is here!

I made the original layout, building, streets, ladders, lights, atmosphere. I was on the point to release it, but the game play sUxX. Then s0lid asked me if he could have the map files and he delivered a AWSOME gameplay map! Enjoy

link: http://xtreme-jumps.eu/e107_plugins/for ... .php?88062

The original map/open source pack:




http://www.mataleone.com/php/main.php?p ... dy〈=en

I'm so pissed off.

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welcome to the world of mapping. most of the nerds out there are maybe 14 years old or even younger. they give a shit about readme files or personal wishes.

i truly understand you mino, but at some point this had to happen.

that's why warby and i agreed on allowing that anybody might use dod_kolsch content, since those who ask for it usually get it and those who don't ask get it anyway. so why the trouble? i know it's really a pain in the ass to not be worth shipped.

all you can do is trying to send emails to this dude and tell him that he is an asshole and brings shame on the mapping community.

i remember some guy decompiling my first source map de_mediterrano years ago. i was so pissed that i spammed him on every forum etc. to tell him that he failed really badly. in the end he took offline all his download links and screenshots (which where quite shitty).

as the content is yours you can also message the website administrators (for example fpsbanana) that this guy is violating copyrights. there is some link on each map site ("is this your map?")

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Sad but inevitable, some of the comments from the "extreme jumping" forum are quite the lulz though;

when do you finally leave your pc and do some other stuff? your really anoying me with your 10 year old replys. Always you guy, always. Why are you even in xj team? You have NO official maps, the maps you make suck. And your not even a good kz player. U lick buts? I dont like u, not because you give critism, but the way you act.
WHY I HAVE 99 FPS !? Its not our problem you or flibo have crappy PCes.Buy new and you will enjoy
Mapping technic:

Many mistakes on the texture applys. House edge start with a window but the other side is cutted of the window. The windows props are to high. feels more like a rats map. Streetlamps with a walltexture?

I wouldn't put these guys a day over 14.

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given they are that young, they do not fully understand the legal issues in this, and i'd reckon some sort of c&d letter to them, perhaps an open letter, would get them to take down the map lest credit is given where credit is due. there's no need for the full monty yet -- unless they decide to write FU I MAED THIS MAP, in which case i'd slap them around with a lawsuit.

EDIT: seems i am a bit late in my advice. oh well.

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I think this is inevitable and not a very big deal. Throwing lawsuites around is a massive overeaction. As mentioned this is probably just some teenager starving for attention. It's not depriving you of any income, I'm sure he's not making any money from it and I'm guessing he's probably completely butchered your work.

I'd only be concerned if someone used my work without credit to produce something commercial or a reputable mapper/mod produced something awesome using my shit.

that's why warby and i agreed on allowing that anybody might use dod_kolsch content, since those who ask for it usually get it and those who don't ask get it anyway.

This is a pretty good attitude, some people will use your shit whether you give them permission or not. These sort of people only produce crap anyway. Not worth losing sleep over.

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The worst thing here is the fact that other people may get credit for work that you have done. I can't stand how pathetic some people can be; how could anybody derive pleasure from stealing somebody else's map and labelling it as their own?

I'm sure the pleasure you get from having known you've created a map from scratch is a dozen times better than the 'pleasure' you get from stealing a map.

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Some people really do crave nothing more than the credit for making something. They don't care if they put any work into it.

You know, the kind of office asshole who'd stab everyone in the back on his way to the top, and take the props for what his coworkers do whenever they're not around. The worst part is they'll probably enjoy a good life as a result of their dirty ways, while those of us that can't feel accomplishment/satisfaction/etc unless we actually put the work in often get ripped off.

I'd take the joy of making something over the credit any day, though. I've been humbled by meeting enough of the guys described above to just not take credit very seriously these days. :-D Even if the guys were saying the map is nice to him, I'd feel good knowing I'm the one who really created it. It'd still be in my portfolio/etc for when I really need the credit for having made it.

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