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[VALVe Hammer Editor] Subdivide Arch


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Just tried it and it worked okay for me.

Try deselecting all textures and then just select the 9 faces that make up the sides of the arch, looks like you've got a few in between brushes.

Just to cover all the bases, you're using snap to grid, a relatively large grid size, and all the vertices match up in the side view, correct?

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DVS could post a write up on how you used to make those perfectly alligned domes for HP?

I've always wondered how it was done and have never been able to recreate the effect satisfactorally.

Le torus tool...

It can be very tricky, even if you manage to get the shape you want, it will not be 100% on the grid and trying to align it usually causes invalid brushes.

Usually you won't care too much since it'll be func_detail anyway, but you can often have lightmap glitches with stuff minutely off-grid.

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shouldn't stuff like this be a static mesh?

VALVe is using disps for this kind of stuff.

I thought the arch valve used was scrapped.

Anyway, valve can have huge map sizes... everyone downloads their stuff automatically, but if a custom map is too big, players will often not bother waiting for it to download.

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