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Age Of Conan MMORPG


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So, I can't find a thread on the forums about it :o

Is anyone going to play it? I've pre-ordered my copy and can't wait. According to the official site it's the best selling MMO before release, that's some serious hype. It seems allot of people really like the setting and gameplay or are just really bored of WoW :P

Anyway, it's being released on Friday in the EU and already out in the USA.


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Gah time wasting minefield! If I'm going into an MMORPG again its probably gonna be another Blizzard game, and only if many people I know play it on a relaxed level.

I'm so happy to be over WoW, don't wanna put more fuel on that fire anytime soon.

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The only thing I really enjoy in wow is PVP (both BGs and Arena) or maybe 10-mans or 5-man heroics. The way I play now is log on, look for specific BG premade or instance with my guild and if none, run 30 minutes of dailies to earn gold and LOG THE HELL OFF for the day. While in general WoW is a horribly grinding time suck, there is something bizarrely fun about 10-man raiding with my guild which is mostly married couples in 20s and 30s who all play together. I swear they'd be swingers if they met in real life but thinking about the average WoW gamer and anything sexual in the same sentence...


I am more interested in the Warhammer's mmo, as I just don't find the Conan universe that exciting. I should at least try it just to stay abreast of competing games out there. :roll: But at this point i feel like if I'm going to spend serious time grinding, I'll probably just do it in WotLK expansion whenever that comes out.

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Chris: CrazyMAC, Gorion, Jennifer and I are playing on Crom as well :) You should hit us up. We're currently trying starting a guild open for all mapcore members as well as invited outsiders, obviously ;o

Nothing is certain yet, however we have created a test guild of sorts, until everyone get settled and we figure out what to do from there.

I play as Autumn. It'd be rude for me to just hand the rest out, so I suggest you hit them up for it :)

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