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Separating TF2 textures from HL2 textures (Hammer)


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Hey guys.

I fancy starting another TF2 map, but this time round I want to make sure I cannot inadvertantly use HL2 assets in it that don't really fit in with TF2. Is there any way to only load the TF2 textures in the Valve Hammer Editor texture selection window, and not have it load the HL2 textures as well?

I've tried typing 'tf' in the keyword box in the texture editor, but it doesn't show every texture.

Cheers guys,


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Yeah I tried using the material exclusion list, but it seems you can only exclude materials in the TF2 directory. When I try to go over to Half-life 2 and the related episodes, the list remains blank after I've clicked on the directory.

How very peculiar.

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