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Off Limits (nevermind, completed)

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We (Maarten and myself) have been finishing Off Limits pretty much by our selves for the last couple of years (!).

Thing is we have our jobs / familie that are priority nr1, but we still want to release the mod asap. It is pretty much done, we have been finalizing the code / maps / gameplay. But we are missing something we ourselves can't do (and don't have the time to learn it).

What we need most of all right now is a small set of custom animations, we need someone whith 3Dsmax 8 to make the 3rd person 9-anime's for one character. The .max files are set up (rigged etc etc), everything is ready for he or she to make those animations. What this is exactly is pretty much the upper body with the weapon in it's hands pointing in 9 directions:

(upper left / upper middle / upper right || center left / center middle / center right || lower left / lewer middle / lower right and a light breathing idle).

It's pretty much the only thing Maarten and I can't do and what we need help with to finish this mod soon.

This should be a swift job that doesn't take much of one's time, so only contact me if you have the time to do it as such.

So if you want to help out two guys in need to release this dear old project of ours, please contact me any time any day!

mail/msn = [email protected]

mod website: http://www.off-limits.be/

the character/weapon in question (this pose as well):


Thanks in advance,

- Wesley Tack

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Yeah from what i can remember it was one of the funnest things i have played on source tbh. I really cant wait for this one! Simon and all the guys have put in so much effort and i think this has soooo much potential.

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thanks for the kind words guys, we still haven't found someone to do this thing, so we are doing what we have been doing for the last couple of years, learn it ourselves and do it ourselves :P

Maarten explained me what it was and I took some reference from another character, I'm doing these myself now, so hopefully by this weekend they will be ingame and ready to start doing some more playtesting. (since I have today off, I'm going to not go to work and finish this thing).

I hope after all this time there is still some HL2 community left that will play a mod lol.

On a side note, yesterday we came up with the idea for Off Limits exactly 5 years ago (hooray.... lol)

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i remember doing exactly the same for a weapon for hipr about a year ago, it isnt hard at all :)

If i remember correctly you create a 9 frames long animation and set up the different poses in each frame. I'm guessing you already now that though and that you are searching for a person to actually set up the poses?

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Yea I know how to do it now, I've created 3 poses out of 9 so far, working on it now :)

If I knew it was this easy I would've done it a long time ago lol, but atm I'm too busy with work and crunching, so I'm going to take

this day off and make it count for what's important on Off Limits (which is these 9 aims and an idle right now). They wont be

super sweet or anything special, it will have to be good enough I guess...

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