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please....dressing up for halloween is gay only between the ages of like 13-15 because you go from a kid to a teen and think you're tough shit

after that its cool in a "no one else does it" kind of way.......like all those goth/emo/punk kids ;D

im wearing a superman suit that has duffy written over the S

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We don't really celibrate Halloween like you "over there" does but it spreading more and more, but people are still confused when a kid with a big plastic knife standing outside thier door and scream for candy. Thats leads me to a diffrent story, when I was a kid I was really fascinated by American Halloween. I digged the Snoopy version with the pumpkin, anyway It was almost impossible to get a pumpkin and no horror toys in the stores like they sell today (I'm sounding old). But i got a pumpkin, carved it out and stuck it on my head. It was heavy but I went to a door knocked and when they open i shouted "money or candy" or something like that, the old couple at the door was terrified and i bet they almost called the cops. So no Halloween costume for old me, but I prolly would have choosen meatwad or ogleorf :)

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