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Need a side project, what to do??


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So after months of crunching it looks like things may be settling down for me in the coming weeks and its got me thinking as to what to do with some of my new found free-time (apart from lots of sleeping, drinking and getting sunburnt for the short time there is actually sun here in stockholm)

I always like to have a project on the side to keep me occupied and my mind refreshed but recently i've been totally stuck for ideas. I've been thinking of making some kind of SP minimod for source in a similar vien to Minerva but I have no ideas about story or scenarios. I also had an idea of making a very simple MP mod for source or unreal 3 but without any code knowledge im completely blank.

Im not really keen on joining any mods as I kinda have done my fair share of that stuff in the past so feel I should do something more independent.

So I guess im turning to you guys for some inspiration! If you have any ideas to throw into the pot or brainstorm with me about please let me know! :)


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eh eh, always good to have some free extra time on our hands man, please make use of it and have some fun and rest! :D

I know you want to start your own thing, but nevertheless I'll leave here this invite, we are in need of another professional member over at Lost World Returns TC for Crysis, if your interested, just drop a PM. :)

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Of course resting and relaxing is my first priority! but after a week of that I know im gonna get a bit A.D.D. :P

Thanks for the offer HP, your mod looks awesome btw, but im looking to do something on a bit of a smaller scale atm.

I'd love to make some kind of casual/classic arcade mp game for source, I've had some ideas floating around for a while to make some kind of mario kart style type flying game, or a platform shooter or beat 'em up, but again, no coder, no joy!

Anyone know where I can find enthusiastic Source coders? :P

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i wish i could switch with you i always have at least 4 side projects and according to my work-contract i am not supposed to have any :D

whut? you are serious? that would be a reason for me to give my employer the finger. i want to do what i want in my spare time.

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Isn't that pretty common? Going strictly by my contract I shouldn't be releasing side projects either AFAIK, but they weren't bothered when I released an HL2DM map a while ago and I doubt they'd be bothered if I did something similar again. I think a lot of that kinda thing is just by-the-books legal faff that most bosses wouldn't ever actually enforce. Unless you've been hired by a real asshole company of course :)

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