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texture artist needed

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hey, i need a texture artist to generate high quality generic textures for me (flat metal, wood, stone, brick, no highlighting, or shadowing, just base, regular textures) for my Kakariko Map.

i would ask klevestav but he is busy in the military soooooos, if any of you guys got any skill, or know of someone, all i need is a handful of textures made for my map.

proper credit and links will be givin in map credits.

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list of textures i need, i'll be updating this list every now and then...

if you gusy know where i can get tileable textures in 1024x1024 format let me know...

Dark Brown Wood

Light Brown Wood

Red Wood

White Stone

Beige Stone

Brown Stone

Light Brown Stone

Dark Brown Stone

Gray Stone

Red Stone

Red Metal

Blue Metal

Red Brick

Light Tan Plaster

Light Tan Canvas

Light Gray Stone

Dark Gray Stone

Really Dark Gray Stone

Gray Limestone

these ones below need some texture detail, they will be used for nature spots, like the side of a cliff, dirt paths, etc.

Light Dirt

Dark Dirt

Dark Brown Rock

Light Brown Rock

Tree Bark

I will make the normal maps and make each texture come to life with specific detail, i really need some help with textures, because *trust me* when i say, if i make the textures the level will look like crap. unfortunetely the orignal Kakariko Village doesn't require much detail to be remade, as there is no detailed landmarks (no statues etc.) but i'm going to be adding in my own details like, patterns on trims, etc.

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