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Post bands you like but nobody else knows!


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New thread idea :)

Post bands you like but nobody else here has (most likely) ever heard of!

I share CDs and links with a buddy at uni and it's quite fun to listen to bands you haven't heard before, guess what the other might like and talk about it. I don't listen to a whole lot that's on MTV or radio anymore and with websites like myspace there is a vast range of bands to listen to (or even entire albums to stream for time periods).

If you like we could also expand this to "DJs" or "artists" because I know we got a lot of electronical music lovers here.

Why? Because this way all of us might discover music we like and that is not on last.fm or other popular music libraries. And while we do so we promote newcomer bands as well :)

IMPORTANT: This is NOT another "post your favourite band/artist" thread! Think about how likely it is that others have heard of the bands before (if the band is signed at a major record label, are played on the radio and currently finish up their 3rd album, chances are we have heard about them before!)

Guidelines: Post the band's name, origin, music type, music samples (only legal ones of course - myspace/youtube; try to narrow down the samples by mentioning your favourite ones), background information (in case you have any).

I'll start, if this takes off, I'll have plenty more to share:

Krusty Crew, Germany (Bielefeld :-D ), Punk-Rock/Skatepunk: http://www.myspace.com/krustycrew

Cool band from my hometown, they release their new EP this month and I've been listening to the songs on their myspace for the past days. It's just a few but they all rock imo. My favourite is "Tom". The songs are in English by the way, check it out if you like Millencollin, No Use For A Name, the old Blink 182 stuff,...

Saw them live at a band contest a couple of months back, they are pretty good live (they enjoy drinking beer, party and certainly don't like the pope :D )

Hope to hear some submissions from you guys!

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lmao I started a thread with the exact same title a few months ago in a brazilian forum. I'll go with some brazilian music:

Elis Regina & Tom Jobim

Bossa Nova dueto, very famous around the world. Cool chillout music.

Tom Jobin & Vinicius de Moraes

There's only one word to describe these two guys: badass!


Tom Jobin & João Gilberto

More Bossa Nova galore.

Demonios da Garoa

I'm not a fan of "samba" but these dudes are top notch. Old group from the 50s, their lyrics are the best, too bad there's no way to translate them to english.

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A couple of mates of mine are in a band called Taking Chase that are well worth a listen. Well, if you're into punk/rock/electro/reggae, at least! I know that sounds a little busy, but they don't tend to throw everything into a single song; they're essentially a punk rock band but they pull in elements from other genres. Their name comes from the Rx Bandits song "Taking Chase as the Serpent Slithers", so if you're an RxB fan give them a try for that reason alone :) They just released their debut EP a couple of weeks ago, and a couple of tracks from it are up on their myspace page...


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Haha mino us two think alike ;D

A couple of mates of mine are in a band called Taking Chase (...)


Sounds cool Reno, from the songs on their myspace still quite straight forward punk though :) A band I've seen live which mixes genres quite heavily is "State Radio". It's a mix of Reggae and Punk Rock, sounds weird but is pretty cool. Either way which of these two genres you like, you will find it in their songs. So here it goes:

State Radio, Reggae/Punk, USA


HP, seir: Please mention at least what music type!

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Papa Shango

Friend of a friend. Rock with a comedy slant to the lyrics. My favourite song was Fight the System, about the introduction of the metric system, but they've removed that one.


Offically a Japanese, indy, experimental, post-metal band. Which I think makes them a bit obscure, though they're pretty popular if you like that kind of thing, so maybe I fail.

World's End Girlfriend

One-man band, again Japanese and experimental. Can get a few more samples following the album links on wikipedia.

Giant Squid

Default song might be a bit much, as they've gone a bit heavy. I'd recommend Summit.

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Ayreon. :-D Prog metal that covers all sorts of genres from folk to space metal depending on the song and album.

Stolen samples below with the closest mood/style/genre/whatever next to each. Long intros are common in the genre so be prepared for that. :cool:

I like Frie's State Radio suggestion too, and will be looking into those further. :-D

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