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Breaking News: Doom 4 announced!


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Yeah, incredibly exciting... :roll:

It really is quite sad to see ID in their current position. Still can't believe that Epic took over the role of being that company as fast as they did.

Anyway, who knows, they might do something crazy with this and end up with something decent ;)

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Heh made my own thread about this despite looking first and still not seeing this one :oops:

Really excited about this...I think idtech 5 will help push the game in a vastly different direction from Doom 3. Method give us the details homeboy. :wink:

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Am I really the only one that thinks its kinda tame that they're just constantly rethreading old franchises, even more so than pretty much any other developer? I mean it was cool once that you just knew that they were the Quake studio, and everything you got from them was just that, but in this day and age they feel more like an old blind dog with no teeth thats stumbling around, rather than specced out killing machine that goes for your throat :). I thought they'd try and take some more chances with their games after they announced Rage, but I guess they need something safe to fall back on.

I'm just not sure that they're up with the times when it comes to making tight shooters anymore, but I'm also just basing that on Doom 3 which is quite a while ago after all, so who knows.


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How can anyone actually be excited about this after Doom 3? That game was one of the most over hyped, over rated and incredible repetitive games ever.

With Doom 4 , they'll break that repetitiveness by having not one, but TWO imps behind every door!

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