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What have you purchased recently?


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Noo... Nooo.... Nooo... :'(

My PS3 just stoped reading discs!!!!!!! I can't fucking believe this...

Just googled, and it apears this hapens a lot, and I have to send my PS3 to sony, and they should send me a new model in 15~30 days!

My MGS4 is pre ordered, in fact i bought the PS3 almost ONLY to play MGS4, and now the damn console broke up... That's just my luck...

I REAAALY want to play MGS, my mind has been walking around in circles in the last few days/weeks eager to play MGS, and now.. I can't!

Sorry for the off topic guys, but.. oh, darn.

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Ouch. :(

I've heard of some first-generation PS3s doing that, something to do with the laser I think. Sony are pretty good with their support though, and some game shops in the UK will do the exchange for you and then sort warranty/etc out on your behalf. Might be worth seeing if the one you bought it from does, unless you got it online.

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":1j7haly9]I already called to the support, the bitch told me I have to send the console to them, and they should send me a brand new model whitin FIVE WEEKS!! :cry:

Shudda bought a 360! They send a new model out within a week! :celebrate:

Mind you, you can't get MGS4 on the 360. No biggy :D

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lol, within a week? I know at least two persons, who's xbox360 disc reader got fucked, and not only, obviously they had to send the console back to Microsoft for an exchange, but it also scratched their games. Microsoft obviously sends another console within a month, just like Sony. But they do not pay for the broken games caused by their broken console...! go go microsoft! :?

Funnily enough, one of those two persons, when he got his console back (after almost two months) guess what? The console was still broken, with a completely different problem... go go microsoft! :?

I'm not trying to start a xbox vs playstation fight here, I'm just trying to demonstrate that both of those companies has a very shitty client support! they both take to long to exchange the consoles for a new one!

Dux, I am sticking with gold old trusty PC! I'm a PC gamer for life, but it's always nice to sit your ass in the living room and enjoy a HD game.. Plus, some of the greatest games of this generation, are console exclusives, like MGS! emot_shakehead.gif

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Seems like a brilliant waste of money to me, stick with gold old trusty PC :cool:

Are you kidding? Show me a PC that can run the latest games for £280 (the current cost of a PS3). And then show me that PC still running them in a year, and in two years.

Don't get me wrong I love the PC, but to use money as an argument in its favour is a joke of the utmost magnitude. The PC is without a doubt the most expensive, depreciative, frustrating way to game. Its only real pro is that it has a keyboard/mouse (although PS3 games are beginning to support these now) and that a select few developers work primarily on it (eg: Valve, Relic).

HP don't get too blue, you may receive it quicker. Customer support always gives 'worst case scenario' answers just to cover their asses and lower your expectations. It could very well take little longer than it takes to post it there and then post a new one back.

Regarding the 360, they may send them out for a week but that's because Microsoft has been forced into fine-tuning their returns system due to the slight issue of almost a third of their consoles failing, while the PS3 is by and large very reliable, solid, and has few issues — amazing considering it uses more unconventional and less-tested hardware than the 360. The 360 has better return support, the PS3 has less people who need to use it. Evens out pretty well. :cool:

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