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What have you purchased recently?

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My first baby, the first machine I ever built. Everything mint new:





All listed below is mint new:

Intel core 2 Duo E7300

MoBo Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2C

VGA Asus GeForce 9600GT

4Gb RAM (2x2Gb) 800Mhz kingstom

HD Samsung 500Gb

Basic Case

AOC 22'' 2219V1 Monitor

Power Supply Seventeam 620W

Sidewinder Mouse

Microsoft Digital 3000 keyboard


Let the carnage begin!

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Magic carpet, WIN!

See? I'm old-school too :P

I have Magic Carpet, Magic Carpet Plus and Magic Carpet: The Netherworlds. Awesome game.

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200 dollars to put tires on wheels, balance them, mount them, and align the car. bring on the snow :cool:

Dang, you got kinda ripped! It should only be 70 for an alignment and 40 @ most for mount and balance. Don't pay that much again.

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After a long wait, my JVC HA-RX700 headphones are finally here! They were shipped from the US. These are $34 headphones that many claim are as good as $100 - $150 ones from other brands. These are hotsellers ATM. I will find out if they are really that good once they get some decent burn-in but they sound pretty sweet already!


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I bought a new laptop! :D

These are specs:

Screen size: 14.1"

Screen resolution: 1440 * 900

CPU: Intel P8400 (2.26ghz)

Memory: 2x 2GB DDR2 800mhz

Videocard: Nvidia 9300M GS (256mb dedicated)

Harddrive: 160GB SATA with 8MB Cache (5400 RPM)


DVD/CD writer

Intel 5100AGN 300Mbps WLAN

Bluetooth, webcam (2.0 MP), Fingerprint reader, 7-in-1 card reader

And that all for.. 714 euro's!

I will be doing all of my school work on it (Software Engineer) + game development. I am sure my games wont use 100K tri's soon, but i do want to fiddle around with DX10.


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