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What have you purchased recently?


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This book just arrived!


It's kinda flabbergasting to know that, according to the authors of that book, around 70% of all students in US universities procrastinate at some degree.


Nobody really likes to do the work in Universities anymore. I think it's because they haven't adjusted to society well enough in terms of how learning and research should work out for the number of years you're in uni.

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Finally found the mp3 player I didn't think existed. Until now.

Supports MicroSD cards up to 128 gb.

Only 100€

Always been reluctant to buy anything from apple due to their obvious capitalism, consumerism mindset.

And frustrated the capacity of cheap mp3 players hasn't increased over the passed f'ing 8 years. We have landed a robot on a comet today, but for some reason mp3 players have limits. Fuck that shit.




Why not just use your phone? Any ghetto phone can play mp3's these days. My phone was 100$ and supports microsd cards as well. And spotify

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Bought Titanfall for PC 10$ on amazon last week.

Halo MCC 49$

Humble Jumbo Bundle ( Insurgency x3, Grid 2, 3 more games I don't care much about -- 5.50$ )

Fractal Design Define R4 Computer Case 100$ (CAD)



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    • Mapcore X Prodeus Winners Announced!
      The winners of Mapcore X2 Prodeus 
      1st place: Paws [ Retail Therapy ]
      P-link: m-MC0iuUs2j6

      - $1,500.00 USD 
      - One year of Humble Choice 
      - Excalibur Shotgun and Gauntlets (skins)
      - Biker Gloves (skin) 
      - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord


      2nd Place: Grays [ Firebase Kodai ]
      P-link: m-5J9cCzaepH

      - $1000.00 USD 
      - 1 month to Humble Choice 
      - Excalibur Gauntlets + Biker Gloves (skins) 
      - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord


      3rd Place: Vladd [ Maximum Menace ]
      P-link: m-9yZfaAliyx

      - $500.00 USD 
      - 1 month to Humble Choice 
      - Biker Gloves (skin)
      - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord


      All of the winners will also be showcased on our Youtube channel, and because we had so many amazing entries, we’ll be showcasing parts of our Staff Picks too. 

      We want to thank the wonderful folks over at Mapcore for hosting this sick competition, and a big ol shoutout to our sponsor Humble Games (who publish Prodeus), for making a large contribution to our prize pool this time around. 

      Looking forward to the next competition already! Maybe will do a coop one with teams allowed? WHO KNOW!? Can't wait, see you then!
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