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What have you purchased recently?

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Few immersion breaking mishaps but no major bugs like those that were reported.


me too. Besides minecraft, its the first game I've bought(which = played, I don't pirate games :) ) since Fallout 3. And before that was Episode 2 & Orange Box.

Clearly, studying engineering leaves you with a lot of free time :cry: And extra cash... Can't remember ever buying a text book for less than $130 :ssj:

Oh, I also bought these fuckin sweet shades. Oakley Warden Polarized. I had a pair of silver non-polarized wardens before, but they got stolen.. like my first pair of oakleys (juliets). These were $20 cheaper than a textbook!



not so much beard.core as it is too-antisocial-and-lazy-to-care-about-personal-hygiene.core :derp:

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