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What have you purchased recently?

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On 6/21/2017 at 8:35 AM, grapen said:

ASUS has a IPS with 144hz and g-sync for around €800, but I've heard there's a big risk for backbleed :/

I have this screen and can confirm there is no backbleed.

Life-changing monitor!! I can't go back to 60 fps lol

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After being an "Intel guy" for the past 20+ years since the "Intel 486DX" in the mid 90s, I finally made the switch to "Team Red" and got myself an AMD Ryzen CPU.


I wanted to build a new system earlier this year to upgrade from my aging PC (core i7/ 6GB RAM DDR3 / GTX 660Ti 2GB) but kept postponing due to other urgent life issues.

I'm glad that I waited til now otherwise I would have been stuck with an overpriced Kaby Lake CPU (had my eye on the 7740X ) with an even more overpriced X299 motherboard.

The AMD Zen architecture just came out at the right time 3 months ago to offer comparable performance at half the price.

In my opinion, Intel has been slacking lately while prices were going up without actual competition to limit the price inflation.

AMD is giving them now a run for their money (and outperforming them in many areas) and that's a really good thing for gamers and system builders for the money/value ratio.

I was never tempted by AMD in the past 20+ years and always stuck with Intel CPUs (486DX, DX2, Pentium II, P4, Dual core, core 2 quad, core i7), but this Ryzen CPU is some serious shit :D

I researched this issue for over a week before making the jump.

I ended up building this:

Ryzen 5 1600 3.2/3.6GHz CPU (6 cores, 12 threads, 65W, unlocked for overclocking) with an ASUS Prime B350 Plus board, 16 GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM, 240GB NVMe M.2 SSD (ridiculously fast), 2TB HDD (I even slapped my old 500GB HDD as a third HDD for extra storage), and a GTX1060 6GB to round things up nicely. I kept my 750W power supply and case from the old PC.

System is smooth as butter and cool as ice (on stock cooling) :)

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Just bought the Acer XF270HU, 144Hz of IPS 1440p goodness incoming!

On the fence about buying a 1080 ti to push them frames and replace my r9 fury!

Edit: I'm an idiot, it's not [email protected] ready for any game, but it'll do okay for now, especially since I spend most of my time on cs go!

Update: I got the monitor, and tested it. Okay. It's Amazing! 

In action in gta v:


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Bought a Galaxy s8 to replace my s4. It is as fast as a flagship Phone can be, has every feature you need and most of the ones you don't need, but hell does it look damn beautiful compared to other phones! Paid it the price of a s7, and at that price it is a really good phone. Recommending it :)


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I bought my very first car! & very pleased with it!


It's a 1987 Austin Mini Mayfair :)


It currently has no registration so the plates on it are useless :P But it's what i'm working on for the next few years

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