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TF2 update released, free weekend incoming!


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Heh, well I guess if people really want to be lame like that you're never going to stop them. Pretty much every game with unlockable weapons has had exactly the same issue.

I guess it's fortunate that the unlocks don't give you an advantage, but instead just allow you to play the game in a different way. These stat padding dicks aren't going to find it any easier to kill you if you're a superb player with the ordinary equipment.

Not too excited about the Medic unlocks myself, though. Looking forward to the Demoman and Engineer unlockables much more. :-D

BTW here is a huge change list that was also effected today. Some pretty good stuff in here, especially the ammo in the 2Fort basement (My biggest problem when I build sentry/etc stuff in the enemy basement is a total lack of metal!):

Source Engine

  • [*:g3w8l4c2]Improved particle performance on multi-core machines
    [*:g3w8l4c2]Added FOV slider to Options | Video | Advanced for all games (moved there from TF2’s multiplayer options)
    [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed surround sound initialization problems with new speaker modes defined in Vista

Team Fortress 2

  • [*:g3w8l4c2]Added Goldrush
    [*:g3w8l4c2]Added Character Info and Loadout to the main menu
    [*:g3w8l4c2]Added 39 Medic achievements
    [*:g3w8l4c2]Added unique Medic items:

    [*:g3w8l4c2]The Blutsaugher, The Kritzkrieg, and The Ubersaw

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Added new attack animations to most melee weapons

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Added new speech for the Heavy and Demoman

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Added Stopwatch mode to Tournament mode

    • [*:g3w8l4c2]Automatically used on Attack/Defense maps

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Teleporter effect no longer shows up on invisible or disguised Spies

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Spies disguised as their own team can now capture control points

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Increased force taken by pipebombs by bullets and explosions

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Target ID hud is now colored red or blue to match the spectator target

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Tournament mode no longer ends matches early if the time limit is nearly up when a new round starts

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed exploit where clients could start benchmark mode on servers

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed drowning exploit that allowed players to regenerate health

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed reload exploit that allowed plays to fire instantly after switching weapons

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed flamethrower bug where a player flush against a wall couldn't be lit on fire from the front

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed invulnerability overlay not drawing if the invuln player was previously on fire

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed "times used" entry in teleporters maxing out at 32

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed rare client crash on level change during control point capturing

    [*:g3w8l4c2]Minor fix to stat gathering to prevent players using sv_cheats to easily garner achievements

    [*:g3w8l4c2]For mapmakers:

    • [*:g3w8l4c2]Mapmakers can now directly place the tf_gamerules entity into their map. Fixes Hammer thinking the inputs to it are broken
      [*:g3w8l4c2]Mapmakers can now place Engineer buildings directly into a map, with an option for them to be invulnerable
      [*:g3w8l4c2]Added "AddRedTeamScore" and "AddBlueTeamScore" inputs to tf_gamerules
      [*:g3w8l4c2]Added "SetRequiredObserverTarget" input to tf_gamerules. Force spectators to use the specified viewpoint


    • [*:g3w8l4c2]Added setup time logic, and gates to the middle
      [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed an overlay alignment bug on one of blue's gate signs
      [*:g3w8l4c2]Minor lighting fixes in red/blue spawns


    • [*:g3w8l4c2]Added medium ammo and health to basement hallways
      [*:g3w8l4c2]Added small ammo and health to top of spiral
      [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed a clip brush exploit outside blue sniper deck
      [*:g3w8l4c2]Fixed number "2" overlay on front of red base not being assigned to the brush face

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I bet Valve patches a fix for that within a day though dux. Don't know if the code allows them to backwards-engineer it so it doesn't affect people who caught the achievements legitimately, though (They may just reset everyone's Medic achievements!). Depends on how it's programmed I guess.

Talk about oversight of the century, though. :oops:

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Valve have turned the game to shit. I have yet to play a decent round of TF2 today because of people who just want to whore all the achievements, try out the new weapons for 5 minutes, then never play the medic again.

Tying weapons to achievements was a terrible idea to begin with and now they've pissed off a lot of the TF2 community. At least the Spy is fixed now. :-D

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Eh, that's to be expected though. You can't do something drastic like introduce new weapons without everyone wanting to try them.

I'm sure after a short while the wannabes will lose interest and go back to playing whatever class they did before, and those who're serious about the Medic will get to play it in new ways. I think the overall benefit will be positive, similarly to like when teleports were introduced to TFC years after it came out.

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