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Model / Prop Maker and Texture Maker Needed

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Hi everyone, my first post here. I really look forward to using this site.

The game we will be working on is Natural Selection 2. This will be a stand alone game running on the source engine. Some of you know of Natural Selection and it was a mod to Half Life. Unknownworlds has announced their new release will be a stand alone game. They have also made mention they will be buying maps from the community. While there is no garuntee that our maps will make the cut, we are pretty sure they will. We have a team of 3 mappers and one texture creator and could use one more texture creator along with someone that knows 3ds and how to compile models (i can help with the compile).

There is no pay garunteed here, but if the group makes money, we will all decide on what to do with the money, either split it up, or sink it into the group for expenses and software updates (maybe even game servers).

Please email me at donnie@pushpd.com if you are interested, and you can use that email for msn messenger. I will keep a check here for replies. Thank you ahead of time.

Link to our group page is here http://www.grid-gaming.net/site/ our site is going through some construction.

Link to NS2 site http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2

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my name is representation of a company i own thank you my name .com if you want to see the company, i would just post a link, but im sure mapcore wouldnt appreciate me advertising in here. Second, we have the full team now, so you can quit replying all together. I really thought map core was going to be a good source for our group, but i guess i was wrong. Seems like everyone here wants to flame and just rip others looking for help. Anyway, have a great day, im sure we will post results of our maps here

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