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[UT3] DM-Acquisition Beta


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Name: DM-Acquisition

Version: Beta

Compatibility: UT3 v1.2

Description: This is the beta version of DM-Acquisition, test the crap out of it. :P

Comments: There are a few (lack of) collision issues, but nothing that will harm gameplay at the moment. If anyone can find any real problems with collision, sticky areas, whatever, let me know. There are no sounds in the map, will get to that next. Bots still don't use the lifts correctly, I totally overlooked that, but otherwise they should be fine. Menu integration will obviously come later when its final. Any feedback welcome as usual, thanks. :)





Credits: Everyone at BuF, everyone at Epic's forums, everyone at Unrealnorth and anyone else who gave feedback on the alpha versions. Everyone at #UnrealEd on Quakenet for... stuff...

Homepage: http://www.slainchild.com

Download from Filefront: DM-Acquisition_beta.zip (33.89mb)

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Thanks for the comments... :-D

Here are some shots from the alpha build of it from back in November or December. Not a lot has changed layout/gameplay wise since then. A lot of people tested the layout and the majority of players liked it back then, its just too bad the UT3 community isn't that active now, so I may have missed my chance to get it onto servers. But whatever, I enjoyed making it and thats all the matters in the end. :)

It's for 1v1 games btw.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v497/ ... t00064.jpg

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v497/ ... t00065.jpg

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v497/ ... t00066.jpg

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mmm, this definitely looks cool man. I'm not sure about the overall looks of the map, maybe the excessive brownish/rust on all the textures, plus the level looks mainly lit, although, I can see you tried to get away with it, using some green lighting in a couple of spots, and that definitely eases it a bit, good job.

It has sort of a Quake4 look to it, kick ass job!

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Checked it out today and it's a respectable map. The congested, multi level layout is great and I agree with Sindwiller that it's well suited to around 5 players.

I didn't find any bugs and don't have any crits.

I like the little vista visible outside the windowed outskirt and the different coloured lighting serves well as a navigational aid.

One suggestion I have is some ambient noises, purhaps some sort of liquid or pumping noises around the liquid filled cannisters.

Nice work :D

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i really like the architecture and texture work. the only thing i can really nitpick about is that for a rusty set like that, it would look so much better with a more gloomy skybox. needless to say, ill try it out.

I think the box compliments the textures really well, its just the right amount of contrast imo

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