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bots are human to.........


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So i visited a channel on Efnet today.

It was a long time since iv´e been there.

Anyway they had always had this bot for quotes.

And still today i could read some old quotes from me and it was fun.

So i thought, maybe this could be a fun thing for #mapcore.

I got hold of a simple script that makes it possible.

I think it could do some thousens(sp?) lines or something.

Either anyone could add a quote but only ppl over 200 could delete quotes.

Or only ppl with 200 or more could add.

Imo it could be a nice thing to have unless someone starts to spam it when ppl tryies to have a conversation.

But if no one talks and you want something to do in channel you could always look at some funny quotes.

Well i am just browsing my brain so pls express your wiev on it.

IF its interesting i give an adress where to dl it.


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