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STALKER: Clear Sky


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As I know, you'll need something like Core 2 Duo E6750, GeForce 8800GT/GeForce 8800GTS512 and 2Gb RAM for this.

About render modes: there will be 4 of them:

- DX8 - for low-performance systems.

- DX9 - same as "full dynamic lighting" mode.

- DX9.5 - previous with some new DX10-effects realized with DX9 possibilities (volumetric light, etc.).

- DX10 - maximum quality mode (by the way, some effects work faster than on the DX9).

Other news:

- TOZ-34 is back, right.

- "Swamp" level contain 6000000 polygons (without grass). It is good - as you remember, Shadow of Chernobyl version of X-Ray Engine supports only 1500000-2000000 per level as maximum.

- There are a lot of new, awesome-looking animations. Too many of them... )

- A lot of NPCs were created from the real people.

- There are a lot of detectors: for artifacts, for anomalies, for radiation... and, as you already know, you can use only pistol while holding them.

And... one interesting screen:


Damn, this anomaly is too cool-looking

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This does look cool. I've heard mixed things about the first one though... Never actually played it myself, would you guys say its worth picking up? Also is it standalone or is it one of those must use in steam things (Steam's about the only place I've even seen an ad aside from boxed copies in stores, but i never checked them out, so I dont know if its Like Red Orchestra, retail option but still needs steam)

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What's wrong with the leaked demo link? I was under the impression that it was "intentionally" leaked.

STALKER: Clear Sky is my number 1 game I'm looking forward to. It'll also be the reason I upgrade to Vista, unless ways to use the DX10 features in XP show up, then I'll be able to hold off till Alan Wake. :P

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