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Pyro Studios: Programmer Engine

Berta Montero

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Programmer Engine

Pyro Studios is a Spanish company leading the videogame development industry, (Commandos Series, Praetorians and Imperial Glory) and it’s one of the most renowned studios in the world since its foundation in 1996.

We are constantly creating new videogames for the new generation Game Consoles and we are looping for Programmers to complete our team. The applicant will have to face difficult technical Challenges that require creative Solutions, so they must be prepared to assume any task related to their department’s programming.


- Get integrated in the team and carry out the programming and documenting tasks of the area.

- Give creative solutions concerning the game and its technology.

- Collaborate with the art and design teams.


- 1+ years of game programming in C++/ Objects directed programming.

- Used to work with Middleware and existing code.

- Used to work with a team.

- Flexibility and ability to promptly change tasks and area.

- Knowledge of a videogame’s architecture.

- Ability to work with minimum supervision.


- Having participated in at least the completion of a game.

- Experienced in programming game consoles such as XBOX360/PS3

- Experienced in programming in Unreal Engine

- UML experienced

- A mathematics and phisics strong base and general 3D knowledge.

- Good communication skills.

Send your Cv to e-mail: jobs_programming@pyrostudios.com

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