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Epic "steals" user created map!?


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I've read about his on Gaf, and I had to share it with you guys.emot_shakehead.gif

Some of you might already seen the xbox360 UT3 trailer, and one of the maps shown in that trailer is a user created map done by a member that goes by EpicJon on the Epic Forums.

The map, apeas to be a total rip off, it's a cargo boat, in the middle of the Artic ocean, with snow falling and with icebergs on the background.

When that guy EpicJon posted about his discontent in the Epic Forums he got banned and his thread deleted.

This is very weird, dunno what's Epic is up to...

Trailer link: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/32978.html

Map screenshot:


Trailer screenshot:


thread for the map:

http://utforums.epicgames.com/showthrea ... 011&page=1

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hmm i can see simmiliarities but thats it. to say that its a complete rip off..? i dont know. the fact that the thread got deleted and epicjon got banned was a bad move though.. because thats what makes this suddenly so interesting.

edit: ok if this already was a concept from the epic side, then what are we indeed whining about? still i think banning epicjon was a bad move.

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I dunno, I think there's a little clutching at straws here. The only thing I've seen of the Epic map is that small snippet from the trailer, but from that you really can't tell anything. The author of ArcticShipment is talking about the layout being ripped off, and if that is true then he certainly has an argument, but is there evidence of that? He goes on a lot about it being too much of a coincidence that both maps are set on ships with icebergs and snow around, but frankly that's a bit of a far-fetched claim. Hell, I've a level like that sat around somewhere myself, so it's hardly like it's unfeasible that somebody else would come up with the same idea.

If he's got more to go on than the tiny glimpse from that trailer, and they have indeed ripped off his level, then I hope he gets the credit he deserves. To me it looks like people are getting a bit too excited over what is probably just a coincidence, however.

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It’s hardly the most unique premise for a map ever, but it’s even more erroneous than that, as apparently Epic’s new map is a remake of one from UT99. I guess it’s just the best thing to use to stick it to the man on the official boards, where this has caused a bit of ruckus.

It just seems like coincidence, this just doesn't strike me as something Epic would do given their history.

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The level is much more similar to the user level, than to the original Epic level, so in that way yes, it is perhaps a bit strange that their level looks so alike. I think it is safe to say that a LD at Epic was browsing through the forums, and took over the idea.

Nothing illegal to take over an idea though, just not a very nice thing to do. They could have at least changed the theme....

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