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Neotokyo *future development recruitment*

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Hello, Neotokyo is looking to hire 2-3 extremely talented level designers to support our upcoming and post release of version 1. We have been in development for a few years and are a small but hard working team. We have been testing internally for more than a year and are entering the last phase of development gearing up for a summer release. At present our build weighs in at just over 2 gigs.

Please visit http://www.halflife2.net/wiki/index.php/Neotokyo to find out more info about who we are and what Neotokyo is all about.

Some of the more notable features that might interest you are...

Multiple classes

-heavy class

-assault class

-scout class

Multiple vision modes

-motion vision (anything that moves lights up, this is the heavy classes vision mode)

-thermal vision (anything giving off heat will light up, this is the assault classes vision mode)

-nightvision (self explanitory)

Thermoptic cloaking

-Neotokyo's gameplay is heavily dependant on the use of various custom shaders

Multiple gametypes

-capture the ghost

-vip assassination

-team death match

Misc cool stuff

-fully gibbable player models, arms, legs, torso, heads, etc.

-squad system

-complete soundtrack

Here are some screenshots showing some of our assets both models and textures. These only represent a fraction of all our assets however and are just to show you we have great mapper support in place.











I recorded some playtest footage recently, here is that footage. I was playing as a scout, with a silenced/scoped smg called the jitte. Key points of interest being demonstrated are the scouts ability to remain cloaked for longer periods of time compared to the assault class, as well as being extremely agile with a sprint/leap ability to reach areas of the maps other classes cannot. I also used a scout only weapon you unlock upon earning rank, which is the detpack.

Enough blabbering, you may view the video by clicking http://www.wegame.com/watch/neotokyo_scouting/

Lastly here are some cool screenshots from some of our recent playtests.







Looking to land a job in the industry? All Neotokyo developers currently work in or have past industry experience, and can aid you in your quest for that dream job. If you are looking to join a fun, quality, talented team, and/or boost your portfolio, look no further. We want to start the next phase of development which is bringing in some fresh talent to aid in future development and post release patches. Interested applicants must have expert knowledge of hammer editor, and while photoshop/3ds max or equivalent skills are preferred, they are not required.

If you wish to apply, simply contact me on msn (djbourgeoisie@gmail.com) or get my attention in our irc #neotokyo on gamesurge (my irc nick is deej-ld), or shoot me a pm here on mapcore. Please have your portfolio ready, -Thanks!

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