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Fallout 3


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AF anyone? :shifty:

Plus, some of the textures are very low res, which is kinda weird for a game like this, living in the current gen of games... Oh well, maybe they are aiming at mediocre PC's as well.

I just happened to know it uses the same engine as Oblivion, which means it suffers from the same problems (Shadow maps), on the other side Oblivion is an epic game, and Bethesda really know their shit, so this is definitely promising.

Never really liked the Fallout games, but something tells me I'm gonna love this one!

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I'm a huge Fallout fan, but I gotta admit that I've been slightly dehyped on this game recently (which I think is very healthy, since I'm really looking forward to it :D).

One thing that caught my eye is how the horizon looks in some of the screenshot, specifically how alpha filled stuff objects are popping up (http://fallout3.files.wordpress.com/200 ... lout07.jpg). Makes it look more like they have a bunch of small pockets of areas rather than a big open world ala Oblivion. I'm probably over analyzing, but it just slightly concerns me :)

Then again it might also be some LOD :)

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