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Shadows from Alpha textures in Source?

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Hey guys,

I've beeen playing witht he ep2 engine recently and am trying to get alpha textures working. So far I added the following to the $light compile parameter


-final -staticproppolys -staticproplighting -textureshadows

Seems to activate per vertex lighting and shadows etc but for some reason it does not like my alpha texture and just casts a shadow for the whole polygon instead!

Anyone had this problem before or know where im going wrong?

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Actually there is raytracing through alpha take a look at the image below. When I compile lighting with an episode 2 prop in there, VRAD displays the messege:

Loaded alpha texture materials\models\props_foliage\arbre01.vtf

and as you can see you get lovely alpha shadows.

The problem Im having now is figuring out what the hell I have to do to get it working with my props/textures...

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