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Missing Textures in Hammer (Source)

Onyx Elite

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Hi all,

I'm a newly registered member and apologise if I've neglected the appropriate intro post etc but I'm having some issues importing my models from Maya 8.5 into Hammer 4.1. This is my first attempt at importing a custom model and I'm having some issues. The main one being that when I import my mdl as a prop_static, the material appears to be missing, leaving me with the pink and purple checkerboard. I'm attempting to follow the tutorial at http://www.ddnetworkofartists.net/index.php?itemid=19 as this appears to be the most helpful one so far.

Also, the model imports incredibly tiny and refuses to be scaled any bigger. I can obviously increase its size in Maya but are there any additional options in Hammer for controlling size other than using Ctrl+M?

Many thanks,


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If it helps I think it might be something to do with my qc or vmt files. I'm not sure that I've referenced the directory structure correctly and am trying a lot of different variations. Will post the contents of these if anyone thinks they can help.

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the maya/hl2 pipeline is really broken. i am working on an improved exporter, but this one wouldnt be released before summer since i am in a lack of time.

thanks for providing the link to the tutorial you used (which most "newbies" forget about). if the texture doesnt show up this can be an easy fix. open the reference smd with notepad or wordpad and check the triangle information for correct texture names. if there is something like "debug" then you should use an auto replacement to change it to your texture name "mytexture.tga". if this is not the problem you should check the QC file for $cdmaterials. $cdmaterials "models/de_mymap" would require that mytexture.vmt file is located in "cstrike/materials/models/de_mymap".

i hope this helps to locate the exact reason for malfunctioning.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I started afresh and used another tutorial more geared towards creating a new mod rather than what I was doing, which was attempting to create a single map. The major difference is that it was easier to see the proper folder structure and reasons for it etc. I think the main issue I had previously was that I didn't realise I had to have my vmt in the materials\models\project\ folder.

The new tutorial is here http://www.lawrence3d.com/completeModExportGuide.doc, html version without pics here ... =firefox-a

Anyway, the bottom line is that after a little source hiccup (http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki ... .2F2006.29) I managed to get my textured model to work in both the model viewer and Hammer. The issue now is that the prop_static is not visible when the map is compiled and run through Steam. Imagine my joy when that happened.

Is this common? I'm having trouble locating anyone else who's had a similar problem.

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Thanks for your help a while ago. It turns out that starting off the project the way I was trying to (as a mod) had so many of it's own problems it was unbelievable. From weapon glitching to invisible models the whole thing was a complete headache. I'm back to trying to just create a map but seem to be back to square 1 as far as texture application goes. I can't believe how convoluted the Maya/hl2 pipeline is, I'm literally tearing my hair out.

Anyway, my current directory structure for stuff is as follows

source folders

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\mapsrc

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\materialsrc\testcube.psd

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\materialsrc\testcube.tga

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube.bat

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube.mb

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube.qc

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube.smd

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube_idle.smd

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube_LOD_1.smd

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube_LOD_2.smd

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube_LOD_3.smd

K:\Projects\Hammer Projects\Level 01\modelsrc\testcube_phy.smd

steam folders

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\onyxelite\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\materials\Level01\testcube.vtf

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\onyxelite\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\materials\models\Level01\testcube.vmt

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\onyxelite\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\models\Level01\testcube.mdl (plus all the usual vtx and phy files created by compiling)

qc contents

$modelname Level01\testcube.mdl

$cdmaterials models\Level01\

$scale 1

$upaxis Y

$body studio "testcube.smd"

$sequence idle "testcube_idle" fps 30 activity ACT_idle 1

$surfaceprop "rock"

$collisionmodel "testcube_phy.smd"


$Mass 1



vmt contents



"$basetexture" "../Level01/testcube"

"model" 1

"$envmapmode" 1


From what you said before I think my reference smd is ok, no mention of debug, lots of references to my texture.

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