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adding insult to injury: first lesson


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It's definitely sad that a kid, and a cancer patient at that, loses his PSP, as well as whatever medication had been left in the bag stolen. The part where they say that faith in humanity is lost I don't get, however, since the thieves likely didn't know he was a cancer patient and just saw a car and a backpack with stuff and went with it - as they do.

I'm not to tell whether or not they'd feel bad about it afterwards, most probably still wouldn't care, but I really don't know. And that's not really relevant to the point I'm making. Thieves are thieves, and there's no way they could have known they were stealing medicine and other stuff as well if they just broke into a random car and grabbed a backpack. And they most certainly couldn't know it was the day before his birthday, nor that he was a cancer patient, assuming the first statement is true.

I do feel, however that it has achieved to restore faith in humanity rather than lose it, considering the part where they managed to raise a shitload of money within such a short amount of time. Stuff like that doesn't just happen.

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