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Lost World Returns ~ A Crysis Mod


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Today I’m going to introduce you guys to the project that I’ve been working on, as Lead Level Designer for a couple of months now, parallel to my Crysis map, Vulcano.

Lost World Returns, as the name suggests for those who have seen the Jurassic Park movies, is all about dinosaurs. Gamers trough out the world are anxious to play a decent game/mod with dinosaurs on it, a serious game where dinosaurs play roles other than simple shooting practice targets, with a very well thought eco-system, where herbivorous calmly eat on large green hills, while large carnivorous hunt on their territory, and so on and so forth.

LWR will feature environments such as Hills, Beach’s, Dense jungles, Caves, and mountains.

LWR team (Also known as the DIG team) is composed by a group of very talented individuals, among the usual 3D artists, Concept artists, Level Designers, Programmers (…, etc) we also have two paleontologists and advisor’s, music composers, former CryTek employees, and people already working professionally in the Games industry. We are all working as a whole, to deliver gamers a brand new experience, in a universe where Dinosaurs still exist.

As a team, we are obviously still green, but we are getting organized as we give the first steps in the preparation and pre-production.

Using the phenomenal CryEngine2, by CryTek, the possibilities are endless. Even CryTek itself, barely scratched the capabilities and possibilities of this awesome engine, which quality is unparalleled.

Pre-production has already started, plus some content has already been made.

For those wondering about copyright infringements, we already paid a visit to a lawyer and came to the conclusion we had to change some of the stuff, including the storyboard, and move away from the Jurassic Park universe, that way avoid either getting sued or seeing our project shut down by the ones who own JP copyrights.

Next month, we will be featured on PCGamerUK, we gave them some exclusive and exciting new screenshots, so make sure to check the mag out! ;)

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you here one of those screenshots, of a group of Albertosaurus attacking a group of Brachiosaurus.


Links of interest:

Website (Coming soon…)

Official Dev blog

Official Forum

ModDB Profile

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That certainly sounds extremely cool. From the paper pitch you just gave us, it's easy to be more excited about this than many pro projects of late. For one thing, I could never get into the games produced on CryEngine or CE2 because the basic fault in my mind is to combine open world and FPS together. There was just some inherent broken mechanic VS what I enjoyed so much in other FPS games.

With the whole Ubisoft ordeal over the original IP and how it's been butchered to hell, and seen as Far Cry 2 is yes you guessed it, another shooter, I'm dying to see what this engine can do for other genres. an RPG of sorts would be absolutely phenomenal for one thing.

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Yes, that's what I've been discussing with the team members. We gotta be careful, on what we want to achieve.

It seems there's some kind of curse around Dinosaur Related mods, I can't remember a single Dinosaurs mod that got finished and released.

It takes alot of dedication and patience to complete such a project, but I'm very confident we will do it!

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