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Hi All,

Im Deltathunder from DeltaDoug Mapping Team.Ive come here and viewed alot of work by many talented people,extremely impressive and inspiring.

I dont know where too start since im new and this is my first thread.

So I guess I should show you some of our Maps for Americas Army.

This is Subway evasion.Part2 of SFlockdown escape from russian high security prison.


Lockdown image..



Very clean hammer and sickle




Still alot of work too do there is a underground subway station aswell.

Will post thread about this map when finished.

Thanks guys.


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Thanks Hp :):)

Ive been back working on this map.We needed some other pass route for players that dont make the train on time.So I decided too go for a old style Cable car system.

I rememberd a few from a couple of flick like a james bond film and some other old WW 2 flick.Anyways I put this together only using BSp.Converted mechanical bits and turned too movers.



I then textured it and added too map.Its still got a bit of work but for 1 days work I think it looks ok.


Also I needed some type of train for map.We Originally had a euro style Modern train as from the screenies I posted before But it didnt fit so I made these.



I know AA isnt that popular anymore due many new games but some of us still play it and a few make maps for this game.I wish we had graphics like Crisis :)then more would come back.

I hope you guys like it.Still alot of work too go :)..

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":3tvppz2u]Wow, I love the Cable car system! Last time I remenber seeing one of those was in... NOLF2, I guess..

Looking great dude, keep up!

Oh, and watch out for the fugly tile effect on the snowy floor.

Reminds me more of a RTCW (SP) level actually :D

But yeah, looks great, keep us up to date

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Thanks Hp Thanks Guys :):).

I will def keep you up too date with this.I will be doing more later today.We will make a small funky video.We do for all our maps.

Ive never seen a cable car in game before.some1 said too me yesterday at my forums that wofenstien had one :).

The trick for me is too get all movers too wrk smoothly with sound and trigger system plus the theres a train that runns back and forth throughout the whole mission.Train vs cable car battles lol should be rather funny :).My first idea was Hummer vs train like old western style.But the cable car adds something new too it.

Thanks again :):)

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