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LinkedIn is the leading business oriented social networking site. In contrary to Facebook where you can find whatever you may think of, LinkedIn's purpose is to provide professional networks, in a career and business oriented way.

Reflecting on Mapcore's purpose to bring quality feedback and help to modders and game developers all over the world, we've just added a LinkedIn group for all Mapcorians. Many of us already have LinkedIn accounts, and use the site as an online resume of sorts, with recommendations.

What does having a group add?

Belonging to the group will give you a Mapcore logo in your linkedin profile. Our goal is to help making it easier for recruiters to look for like minded designers, or ask for your own help/recommendation on someone else before they hire them. It will also bring additional exposure to the site, and potentially increase the number of job offers posted on our website from recruiters.

What is the purpose of the group?

Anyone belonging to the group agrees to extend the kinda help we provide on the website to anyone else in the group. Remember that any member of the group may contact you through LinkedIn once you share the same group.

How do I join this group?

You'll first need to sign in at linkedin.com. Once you have done that and are signed in, simply click on the following link and type mapcore in the right hand field.

If you experience any difficulty in seeing the Mapcore group in the search results, please let us know


Who may join Mapcore's group

Any contributing member of Mapcore will be welcomed with open arms. Industry recruiters may also join the group, as long as they plan on posting their job offers on our forums.

5 months after this LinkedIn group was created, we currently have over 80 members ranging from students and enthusiasts to industry recruiters including EA and Ubisoft. You will also find artists and designers from over 35 studios in the world. Apply today and expand your network.

Thanks for all your help in making this group successful,

The Mapcore Team

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LinkedIn will bring a horde of new features this coming friday, to all groups including ours. Here are the details I was sent:

This Friday, we will be adding several much-requested features to your group:

- Discussion forums: Simple discussion spaces for you and your members. (You can turn discussions off in your management control panel if you like.)

- Enhanced roster: Searchable list of group members.

- Digest emails: Daily or weekly digests of new discussion topics which your members may choose to receive. (We will be turning digests on for all current group members soon, and prompting them to set to their own preference.)

- Group home page: A private space for your members on LinkedIn.

I will take all the time necessary to gauge which of these features we may want to use if any, but as always your input will be valuable. Please reply to this topic if you wish to discuss them.

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