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Ion Cannon


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I've posted the wip of this in the wip section before, but now that I've added a huge set of balls (!) I consider it finished. The colors illuminating from the cannonballs can be both a lightsource and an indication of which base the player is in (if used in a teambased mod like UT3 CTF)


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Bent the rail at the end (thanks for the tip, really didnt feel like going into the texture again :)) and readded some of the blue light in the render. I obviously want the portfoliorender to be as good as possible so really appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks for the response all :) I might add real stoppers to the rail later, but for now I'll settle with the "bent up rail ends" suggested by ginger_lord. Atm I'm modelling and texturing the rest of the scene but will prolly revisit the cannon once the level reaches the "final touch" stage.

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I think it is great, and I like the idea and would love to see it in UT3 as it would fit very well.

I also don't like the rail, it needs stoppers at the least, but I just find the rails a bit weird in general...

And I think that it is too monotome, the whole thing has the same color. A few colored elements might live it up.

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