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the daily "how was your day?" extravaganza 2008


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i start with my day: had a bad sleep since my current job/university situation is really chaotic. i don't get any information that helps to improve the situation. i woke up and saw peris posting shit in EOT. good morning so far :(

at work i wanted to continue my openGL Maya UI programming and ran into a problem i can't even understand. all fellow workers have no idea too. vertices start flickering when the camera gets moved over long distances like 1.000.000 units. going closer to the origin solves this issue. though i have now idea how vertices that are attached to the camera can fuck around only while moving the camera. really a no brainer!

while writing my developers diary out of a sudden LaTeX used a different font and fucked a lot of formatting and symbols. I searched google for about 30 minutes and couldnt find any clues. then i just though of "try a restart". bang. worked. that is my advice on how to waste time.

now i am at home and ate noodles. at least i live more healthy compared to the last years. i drive 20km on my new racing bicycle each day. thats around 80 minutes of sport activity for me. At work i usually eat only something small for dinner like 2-3 pieces of bread without any cover (?) + a small salad. during the day i drink 3 cups of coffee and eat a banana or an apple.

how was your day?

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i woke up and drove to school. went to my first useless computer networking class where the teacher talked about disney world for 3/4 of the time and file backups for the remaining quarter. then walked to sociology to take a test. the teacher is this crazy guy who says fuck freely in class and says silly black people quotes "can i get a witness?" finished, drove home. drove to chipotle. got a delicious burrito. napped. went to work. waited on tables for a few hours, did sidework, ate lamb stew and chatted with fellow coworkers until 11. came home and watched shows on tivo and surfed the net. boring and non productive, just like every other day :) on the upside, i get the next two days and week off and will be going skiing for 5 days and got a new snowboard which im pretty psyched about. plus im getting a box from ups tomorrow with some car maintenance stuffs that i'll put to use tomorrow.

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Got woken up way too fucking early because the girl next to me in bed wanted to have sex. I had a really hard time deciding if I was annoyed or pleased.

Was the last night with her as we have decided not to date eachother anymore. I don't have the time for a serious relationship(work takes priority) so I had to end the dating before I fell in love with her. I am afraid that it is already too late though:(

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