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[hl2] New_York_Streets (NOT FINISHED)


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My name is Archon, and im member of the KAT Klan map development group, a.k.a SMT, i know about this site thanks to alphapack.

The current project in my list is New_York_Streets. For HL2 DM

Its based on the run-off map theory, its a piece of a city, with usable rooms and objects.

The objective of this map is to make it as real as possible, but fun to play.

First of all, the screenshots of the current progress:


Note: This is an old snapshot, i will be posting more later.

Basicly, i want your comments, ideas, suggestions, etc...

- Archon

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My last post dont have to much information, so you are right, there isnt to much to comment on.

I forgot to post the current progress, lol, much more than last post. :D:D

Wait until all the images load! The image hoster i used its a little laggy





There are 4 images!

Now it isnt only me, [KAT] ZeDD is helping me with the project.

The map is going to be registered, so dont try to copy it! :lol: LOL

If there is any other HL2 mapper, [KAT] is recruiting mappers. Take a look on http://www.katklan.com/forums


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I suggest you sit down and think about your layout there, at the moment it's all over the place and looks like you just threw random props and brushes together. Everything looks very blocky as well, take some references from real life New York, buildings are all different shapes and are far from just mere blocks. Also for what you're trying to achieve, custom props are going to be a necessity here. I'd suggest given that this is obviously your first map you should try sticking to vanilla HL2 assets, the problem commonly faced by newbie mappers is they try to be too ambitious and end up shooting themselves in the foot during the process because they lack the skills and knowledge to accomplish their goal effectively. I'm not saying you can't do it, but I think given enough experience with the construction process and practice on lesser projects, you will gradually build up the skill base to make an effective and decent looking New York environment.

Hope that doesn't sound harsh, good luck :)

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