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hessi's Maya SMD exporter


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best ever :D

on the engine-switching: I would save the details for that stuff in an easy accessable txt file (or cfg whatever) so you can easily adapt to randomly changing directory-structures

if i actually finish this, i would open source it. so modifications would be possible for everyone!

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cool stuff =). That credit tab is really really stupid though. Switch to another engine if you really hate valve that much!

he speaks the truth in the pipeline sucking and I fund the credits tab be informational. Valve has always lacked in providing any sort of tools that make stuff like this easier. I support such a project and hope in the end it actually gets finished.

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since i started working on some code fragments, this shall be my next project. a working 1 click exporter for maya.

what did i do today:

- implement the base of the "generateQC" MEL command. the syntax is set and works.

- the GUI is partially connected to MEL commands which do the dirty work (those come with my Plugin)

what will my next steps be:

- connect the generateQC MEL command to the gui which basically means querying attributes

- write wrapper MEL commands for vtex and studiomdl including their parameters

- connect these commands to the full compile procedure and do some dummy compile (which includes: VMT generation, traversing the DAG and scanning for attribute connections within the materials)

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