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MapCore is a game design community that's existed on the web since 2000, and has supported countless people in developing their skills and giving them a place to show off their work. In fact, almost all of MapCore's long-term members are now professionals in the games industry (view job census) and most others are well on their way.

If you'd like to know more about MapCore and its long history, check out our Wikipedia entry.

Here're a few things to keep in mind while enjoying MapCore:

  • [*:3e66hhtn]To ensure everyone has a good time,
our rules must be followed.

[*:3e66hhtn]MapCore originated from an online chat channel, and it continues to thrive even today — simply connect to irc.gamesurge.net and join #mapcore. Never used IRC before? It's easy! Check out this introductory guide.

[*:3e66hhtn]Please try to use forum attachments when sharing your work. Many old threads in the gallery forums end up full of broken links as the image URLs die; by using attachments, they'll work forever. Using attachments also has the side-benefit of saving you from having to produce your own thumbnails, as it'll be done both automatically and optimally. Check out examples of how your attachments will look.

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