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As Mojo warned, the forums have been down for several days so moving to a new host could commence: my hosting, which powers many superb websites such as Ryan's GobLog and the upcoming BRUTAL! The Legendary Fan Site. The process is now complete, and the forums should be free of trojan warnings and shaky uptime.

I took the opportunity to do a little maintenance and make some small changes during the downtime:

  • [*:15meut3f]The forum header now includes the proper MapCore logo.

    [*:15meut3f]Ancient/irrelevant stickies have been removed from various forums.

    [*:15meut3f]Server-side compression is now used on all files, which should theoretically make pages download more quickly. I haven't extensively tested this with phpBB yet so I may tweak it once you all start using the forum again.

    [*:15meut3f]Image attachments are now allowed at a size of up to 500kb per image, and 15 per post; more importantly though, you now get a nice, big thumbnail (
view examples). I encourage you to use this for posting shots of your WIP maps and whatnot, as threads in the gallery forums tend to end up full of broken images after a while. EoT is exempt from this feature.

[*:15meut3f]All avatars are now uploaded to the server, which should bring more stability to page load speed. People who already have external avatars are grandfathered in and will be able to use their external link until they adjust their avatar settings.

[*:15meut3f]Some forums have been restructured so the most popular forums can enjoy exposure towards the top, and dead ones are neatly tucked away in the new 'Archived Forums' area at the bottom. The goal here is to reduce the sheer number of forums displayed on the front page, thus making the forums less daunting for new users and decreasing the page load time.

If you have any trouble logging in, it'll be because the forums are now hosted on a subdomain — the quick fix is to delete all MapCore-related cookies in your web browser. Clicking 'Delete all board cookies' in the forum footer may also work.

Spot any other issues? Just post about them in this thread or get in touch with me; as I'm unfortunate enough to work with websites for a day job, I can generally respond to issues quickly. While Mike and Mojo have always been great admins, they're often too tied up with producing beautiful games to be particularly responsive to forum problems. The goal of transferring such responsibilities to me is that forum issues and requests will be addressed much more quickly than before.

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Upon request on IRC I've just fixed the column that contains the post author, avatar, etc. It was stretching depending on your resolution, and looked pretty crazy at high resolutions.

I've also adjusted the author/avatar layout to how it is on most forums, with the author on top and the avatar below.

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Thank you so much for hosting and maintaining the forums for all these years Mike and Mojo and a big hug goes out to Thrik for not only transfering the forums to his host but also making all these beautiful little changes and additions!

I welcome Thrik as our new forum overlord!

PS: :cool:

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