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iPhone - The next best mobile gaming device?


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EA, Sega and well, Apple presented first demos of game titles to be released for the iPhone! Apple released an SDK to develop software for the iPhone yesterday and in June indie developers as well as big companies can distribute their software via itunes (Apple checks every submission, sorry guys, no porn allowed and in case you charge people for the download of your software, apple cashes in 30% of the sales). There is also a big software update coming up this summer with goodies for business people. The prospects of using the iPhone's features for interaction like the touchpad interface obviously and tilt sensor (is that what you call it?) could make it an excellent choice for game designers.

Sounds pretty cool overall what do you think?

Oh, and one of the announced games coming to the iPhone by EA is Spore:

http://kotaku.com/364772/ea-confirms-ip ... mes-coming

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I predict it'll be like every single other gaming/phone hybrid, and completely flop with regards to penetrating the general gaming audience. I think it will do a good job of giving those who already have an iPhone something extra to do, but won't convince many people to buy it with gaming in mind.

The phone itself isn't really too great with regards to value for money, so it's not really going to convince anyone who wasn't already prepared to (over)pay for it to do so. People could buy a Nokia phone or something that far surpasses the iPhone and a DS Lite or PSP, and still pay a comparable price to one iPhone.

It sounds OK on paper, but then so did the NGage to a lot of people, and the 'mobile phone gaming revolution' has been "just around the corner" for years upon years now. My gut feeling is that people won't bite.

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