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Raymond's talking about Game-Movie connections


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Jade Raymond delivered a keynote-speech at this year's Berlinale (one of europe's most important movie-festivals) on the connection between movies and games. While the first half is not really anything new, the second half is kind of interesting and in general it's a nice essay on the topic.

http://ubitv.de.ubi.com/index.php?vid=1 ... d=0&side=1

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I don't think it is the fastest selling gaming franchise in the last 10 years but the one that started from scratch and made that amount of sells.

CoD Franchise for example started the big kick off with part 4 as did Half-Life with HL2 and so on - they selled stronger and faster but not as brand new franchises.

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First of all, I will say Assassins Creed is a pretty amazing achievement in terms of environment, visuals, animation, and interaction. I can't speak much for the rest because I only played about an hour. Anyone who knows anything about getting a game on a console (ie; framerate and memory limits) should be very impressed by what AC can do.

However, I know Ubisoft usually has huge teams on games (heard Splinter Cell 2 MP was over 100 people) and it's no surprise when she says 300 developers on-site, with hundreds more off-site. This is generally not the case for most development studios, and I feel like it may give the wrong impression to people who might be interested in getting into these things.

Either way, the things she touched on, and the examples she showed were very strong, and should get lots of eyes looking our way. I also find it interesting how games are hiring roles that were specific to games as she mentioned, such as director of photography, and casting agents. Things like story or cinematics aren't new to games, but now that we have the tools & tech to do them very properly, the need to do them correctly is much higher.

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