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Battlefield Heroes


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I have to admit that although the trailer itself is really cool (Pirate Bay :-D), the game itself looks almost completely unappealing to me. The gameplay seems pretty damn basic, like an extremely diluted version of Battlefield (194)2(142) with the depth/skill taken out. The graphics also don't excite me at all, looking nowhere near as stylish as Team Fortress 2 but still managing to come off as a copycat (whether that's true or not -- but it probably is).

It might be free, but if I personally want to spend some time enjoying the Battlefield experience it'll be either Battlefield 2142 or the eventual Battlefield 3 I play. :(

Anything that's tagged with the term 'casual' tends to completely turn me off, though.

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While it's an awesome trailer - I wonder if they should be "cartooning" and making WW2 look "fun and friendly". There's lots of WW2 games and they all convey how bloody nasty it was and this just makes it look like playtime with the Tellytubbies which I don't like. Maybe I'm over reacting a little but oh well.

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I think it looks great, wouldn't pay for it, but then again I wouldn't pay for 2142 either. I just wonder how they're gonna make all the stuff with purchased content balanced, but still worth paying for.

Oh and dudes sitting on airplane wings while shooting = brilliant

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I think the idea is briliant, it does look a bit like a rip off from TF though. I will most certainly try it out. I wish UT would go onto a path like this and the new Quake browser thing. A simpler, more classic approach, just about fun.

And sure it doesnt really portray WW2 in a very respectful way, but really, how many games out there are truly respectful?

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apart from the problem you all talked about, i totally love the visual style.

when i first saw screens and stuff i was like "ohnoes, tf2 is so much better" but i gotta be honest, the trailer ingame scens gave me a huuuge smile on my face :o

i really can't put it down in words but the color theme is awesooome, imo. while the tf2 is a bit darker, moodier, this looks just like out of tv cartoon style.

but that's just the style...the soldiers and stuff are just soooo out of place in the beautiful environments. i just imagined what awesome "jumpnrun" game that could have been - especially the trees/bushes - man, i love their style - has some viva pinata feeling to me :D

i don't know i think there's something wrong in the art direction/theme dialogue - it doesn't match up as tf2 does for me :/

the environments in bf heroes look so cute that the them just feels wrong. i think valve did a much better job in combining these 2 things with not making the environment overthetopcartoony.

*sigh* what a pity :(

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Yeah yeah war is horrible and you should never have any fun with anything war related... stop playing airsoft, don't own old ww2 weapons and don't play video games that are "based" off real events. :banjo:

I'll play this, atleast test it out. And I'd spend probably about 10 bucks to get a cool looking character, even though I'd probably won't pay for the double xp perks etc. since I never know when Ill play the game.. It looks like it's a fun game, and the trailer is pretty awesome. Wingmen for the win!

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