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  • MapCore has a small number of rules and guidelines. Rules are absolute: breakages will be considered serious business. Guidelines are considered advice, but ignoring them may lead to breaking the rules...

    For example, attacking someone's work in an unconstructive and hurtful way is flaming. Similarly, intentionally spoiling games is abuse toward the community. Please, be an adult -- don't test the boundaries.


    1. No personal attacks, discrimination, flaminghate speech, or offensive slurs.
    2. No abuse towards the community or its members.
    3. Sensitive material must be posted as described below.


    1. Discuss games respectfully, chances are a MapCore member helped create them.
    2. Be constructive when criticising other members' work.
    3. MapCore embraces diversity, bear in mind how people who face discrimination might feel about your posts.
    4. Use the 'spoiler' feature, especially for recently released material.
    5. If you have time, put images you post somewhere reliable like imgur or attach them.

    Sensitive material

    Some content must be posted as a link or hidden using the 'spoiler' feature, along with a clear description/warning so that members aren't surprised by it. It's impossible to provide a definitive list, so please use common sense — consider what kinds of things you wouldn't be comfortable showing up on your screen at work, in front of family, etc.

    Sensitive material includes eroticagraphic violence, nudity, and pornography.

    In addition to the above, MapCore and its members must follow the law. In the unlikely event that unlawful content is posted, it'll be immediately removed to protect the community. This includes links to pirated software, illegal photos, etc.

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