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  1. I took the liberty of doing this and found an interesting location. Now to port it into a layout. To me, coming up with the ideas is more time consuming and frustrating than actually making the map. One of the big problems I have is finding interesting locations in google maps or earth. The problem being that you have the whole world to work with.
  2. That's the longest joke I've ever seen and I applaud you for that. All jokes aside, I've been working on a top-down layout for about 4 hours, and I've only come up with an extremely simple 3 lane layout that I don't think will play very well.
  3. Now, I know that this may seem specific, but I'm genuinely having a difficult time making a top-down layout to get me started with my first mapping project. The best that I can come up is 3 lines like Rialto, and I'm seeing unique layouts all over the place in the workshop. Is there a formula to it or something? I'm just completely stuck on how to come up with a layout.
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