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  1. Thank you a lot! This is my first map, and I happen to be quite a perfectionist, I wanted to make a map and in order to test it I didn't want to just make some walls and give the players to test, I wanted a map for the players to test and feel what the map was going to be.
  2. Lily is a bomb defusal map set in Portugal. Layout: The layout was developed some time ago until I decided to go ahead with this project, in the making of the map, I changed the layout a lot, the layout is based on two routes between bombsite for terrorists, one safe route and one not, for counter terrorists, it is the same, two routes between bombsites, one safe and the other isn't, having both, T and CT, unsafe routes with connection to the middle. Screenshots: May not be accurate due to map updates. For more visit the workshop page. Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2430950151
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