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  1. Original map Topic: Changelog: Update 36 --B-- -made B main lowered --ALL-- new radar image Update 35 -- B -- -New clipping -New cover long Update 34 --B-- Edited route from T-spawn to B Photos ________________________________ Update 33 --A-- -removed pit Photos from this update _________________________________ Update 32 -- A -- -added a Boost on left side of A site(Test) -- ALL -- New cubemaps ________________________________
  2. I'm working on a map based in a Hightec-city in Japan. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2347930585 Story: In the middle of the high-tec-city, there is a group of old buildings and a railway. The cities citizens like the region. But the owners of the region want to get rid of them. The terrorists are working for the owners of the region to remove a small market or the railway bridge. Changelog for small and big updates:
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